Jan 04, 2010

Gilgit Baltistan: Press Release

Active ImageBalwaristan National Front head condemns Pakistan suicide attacks and plundering of natural resources in the region.

Below is a Press Release published by the Balawaristan National Front:

Chairman Balawaristan National Front (BNF) Abdul Hamid Khan has said suicide attacks are condemnable acts and the nation will never support such extreme rhetoric to get their demands fulfilled.

In a press statement [January 1 2010], he said Nawaz Khan Naji's announcement that suicide attacks were justified against cruel rulers was in fact a conspiracy against the nationalists of the region. He said the statement of Mr Naji was condemnable at all levels. Mr Khan said such statements were being issued at the behest of security agencies in order to pave the way for deployment of outsider troops and law enforcers in all parts of Gilgit-Baltistan. He said nationalists should understand the conspiracy and avoid being divided on sectarian basis.

The BNF leader asked the international community to take notice of the injustices with the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, plundering of their resources and stop Pakistan from trampling human rights in the region.

He said declaring suicide attacks justified by on behalf of a so-called nationalist was a conspiracy to sabotage the unity of the people of the region. He said foreign intelligence  agencies and Nawaz Naji were responsible for the brutal killing of an innocent student at Sher Qila.

He said BNF was a nationalist party and consider all whether it was Pir Karam or anyone else as the citizen of the region. He said people living from Shenaki Kohistan to Chitral were all the citizens of Balawaristan. BNF do not believe on sectarianism, because BNF is a nationalist political party and believe on peaceful struggle against the occupation of Pakistan and China. He said his party was trying to create national unity and would not allow anyone to create sectarian division among the people of the region. He said if Nawaz Naji was interested in launching suicide attacks he should either go to Waziristan or Islamabad to fulfil his designs as a local resident would never allow such fanatic people who are  trying to play dirty game with our region by the help of occupation forces.

BNF also condemn FCNA Major General  Qamar Javaid Bajwah  and head of ISI who are hatching conspiracy to destabilize this disputed region by creating and encouraging religious terrorism by using the so-called nationalist. General Kiyani the head of Pakistan Army is equal responsible of this suicide threat given by Naji who have regular links with Pakistan Army and its ISI for the last 2 years.