Dec 22, 2009

Iraqi Turkmen: SOITM Informs United Nations

Sample ImageInformation from the SOITM Foundation has provided the United Nations General Assembly with important insight into the current situation in Iraq ahead of elections in 2010

Below is an excerpt from the United Nations:

According to the Iraqi Turkmen Human Rights Research Foundation (SOITM), federalism related paragraphs remain the most controversial subjects to be amended in the constitution. Deba’athification, personal status law and harmony between the Islamic laws and the human rights principles and minority issues still needed to be agreed upon.7 JS2 added that the parliamentary committee assigned to review the constitution presented modifications to the parliament which were not ratified8 and that there are several pending constitutional articles which need legislation.

SOITM mentioned that the drafting process of the constitution suffered under timeframe restrictions, that the constitution bypassed debate and parliamentary ratification and that there was no public discussion or debate. It indicated that attempts of Kurdish authorities to emphasize their ethnic role within Iraq can be considered the dominant factor that contributed to discrimination outlined in article 4 of the constitution.  SOITM noted that in order to facilitate rebuilding of the Iraqi state, reduce violence and institute stability in the region, a powerful and viable centralized Iraqi state should be created. It recommended to the National Assembly to amend the constitution consequently.

Note: To read the full report, click here.  (PDF Format, 107kb)