Dec 21, 2009

Somaliland: Coastal Guards Arrest Pirates

Sample ImageSomaliland coastal guards at Lughaya near the border with Djibouti captured eleven pirates with their small boat and weapons.


Below is an article published by: Somaliland Press 

The Somaliland’s Interior Minister told the media that the pirates were all from Puntland and have been trying to hijack ships off the Somaliland western coast. The minister said some of them tried to escape but were surrounded by the Somaliland forces. “All of them were arrested, no one managed to escape” said the Minister.

“No, they did not carry out any attacks when they were caught” the minister told to the reporters.

The minister said that it is clear all of them are from the neighboring Somalia’s region of Puntland. He mentioned that after interrogation it is clear that they are from Puntland and planning to carry out operations in the area.