Dec 17, 2009

Ogoni: Agitation For State Creation

Sample ImageMr. Ledum Mittee,the leader of Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, presented the case for the creation of Ogoni State

Below is an article published by The Punch:

Agitators for the creation of new states from Rivers and Delta states on Tuesday occupied prime place at the second day of the public hearing on the review of the 1999 Constitution in Port Harcourt.
The leader of Movement for the survival of Ogoni People, Mr. Ledum Mittee, presented the case for the creation of Ogoni State.

He said the time had come for Nigeria to address the injustices suffered by the Ogoni by creating a state for them.

Mitee explained that the creation of states in the past was skewed in favour of the nation’s larger tribes without a thought for the feelings and aspirations of the minority groups.
He said that true federalism required that the rights of the minorities be protected alongside that of others.

Mitee said the current arrangement of six geo-political zones merely increased the layers of oppression against the minorities.
Mitee asked that the six geo-political zone structure be scrapped to give room for a truly representative structure.

According to him, “The constitutional amendments that we are asking for are those that we think will address the issues of fundamental political restructuring that will give the minorities a voice and a space in the Nigerian federation.”

The President-General of the Urobo Proggressive Union, Senator Felix Ibru, presented the case for the creation of a state for the Urhobo.

Others also called for the creation of a Oil Rivers State from the present Rivers State.