Dec 17, 2009

Oromo: Refugees Facing Serious Violence

Sample ImageContinuing violence experienced by refugees in South Africa


Below is an article published by The Jimma Times:

Reports from Johannesburg’s community of Oromo refugees reflect the continuing violence experienced by refugees in South Africa. Jalene Gemeda has interviewed a woman who was raped by two men and thrown from the seventh-floor window of her apartment.

Another Oromo refugee in Johannesburg said he was shot by intruders. He has been unemployed now because four months afer the attack, he still hans’t received adequate medical attention.

The leaders of Oromo community in Johannesburg say these and other attacks are the result of local xenophobia. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees officials say resettlement program is expected after the xenophobic attack, by looking at each case individually and by potential receiving countries. However, local human rights lawyers say the problems are great in this country which has received refugees from so many countries in recent years.