Feb 21, 2024

UNPO and Turkish Women's Center Collaborate in Celebrating International Mother Language Day through Multilingual Conference

Cologne, Germany - February 17, 2024

On February 17th, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) joined forces with the Turkish Women Center to mark International Mother Language Day with a vibrant celebration in Cologne, Germany. The event took the form of a dynamic multilingual conference titled "Multilingualism: Challenges and Opportunities," featuring representatives and experts from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including Kurd, Ahwazi Arab, Baluch, Turkmen, Gilak, and Azerbaijani Turks from Iran.

The conference provided a platform for in-depth discussions on the various aspects of multilingualism, exploring both the challenges and opportunities it presents. Shima Silavi, a representative from UNPO, delivered a speech highlighting the connection between the right to self-determination and the urgent calls for education in the mother tongue among oppressed nations. The engaging dialogue emphasized the importance of linguistic diversity in fostering inclusive societies.

UNPO reaffirms its commitment to promoting and advocating for the preservation and use of minority languages. The organization recognizes the value of linguistic diversity as a cornerstone of cultural heritage and is dedicated to raising awareness of the significance of mother tongue education.

The conference concluded on a celebratory note with a lively segment featuring music and dance performances from different regions of Iran. The diverse showcase encapsulated the rich mosaic of cultures within the country.

As a global advocate for minorities, indigenous and overall unrepresented nations and peoples, UNPO continues its mission to empower marginalized communities. Through collaborative efforts and informative conferences, UNPO strives to build bridges, foster understanding, and champion the rights of linguistic minorities.