Dec 01, 2009

Afrikaner: FF+ Express Shock at Kgalema Motlanthe's Ignorance

Active ImageThe Freedom Front Plus expressed shock at the statement made by Kgalema Motlanthe when he basically said that the farmers were responsible for the murders and not the criminals.
Below is an article published by FTO:

Statement by the FF+ :

“Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe is looking for a justification for farm murders. No murder can ever be justified.” This was the reaction of Mr. Werner Weber, the FF Plus’ spokesperson on Agriculture and Land Affairs and former chairperson of Action Stop Farm Attacks.

According to media reports Motlanthe said that foreigners who work for farmers are not paid enough by the farmers and therefore commit murder.

According to Mr. Weber there may be a number of these cases, but it is highly unusual. Deputy President Motlanthe dares not make generalisations about a very serious issue such as this so easily and should rather mention specific examples. Research has proven that in the majority of cases of farm murders, the murderer(s) and victim(s) did not know each other at the time of a farm attack and that very little or nothing at all was stolen.

Motlanthe’s comments creates the impression that he is indeed on the side of the farm murderers who perpetrate these criminal attacks and does not have any understanding for farmers.

“Deputy President Motlanthe is cautioned to show more discretion in his public comments, especially concerning such a highly emotional issue such as farm murders”, Weber added. Mr. Weber and his family have been victims of a farm attack.