Nov 23, 2009

Somaliland: Somaliland Rejects Somali President’s Remarks

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Somalia's breakaway republic of Somaliland has rejected remarks made by Somalia’s president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed over the status of the two authorities.



Below is an article published by Garowe Online :

President Sharif said in an interview with BBC Somali Service that the break-away republic is only waiting for the rest of Somalia’s anarchic to be peaceful and that the door is open for talks.

In a response, Somaliland’s Foreign Affairs Ministry termed the remarks as just a delusion made by Sharif who knows nothing about the current world affairs.

“We are telling Sharif that he is daydreaming. Somaliland has made its decision to be an independent state in 1991,” said a statement from the ministry.

“Somaliland will not negotiate over its status with anyone and we are urging Sharif to concentrate on solving the problems of Somalia before going for other’s problem.”

The ministry added that there would be no talks between the two sides, saying that 'is a closed chapter'.

The former British protectorate, which declared its independence from the larger Horn of African nation in 1991 after the ouster of Mohamed Siad Barre, enjoys relative peace and stability unlike the chaotic South central parts of Somalia. The break-way region has however failed to gain international recognition.