Nov 20, 2009

Hmong: Appeal for Freedom for the 158 Lao-Hmongs Refugees of Nongkhai

Active ImageThe Lao Movement for Human Rights appeals to EU, UN, US, Japan, Australia, ASEAN and International Financial Institutions to act firmly upon Lao leaders to respect human rights, freedom and democracy in Laos.


Below is an article published by Lao Movement for Human Rights:

Press release Paris, November 18th, 2009
Mouvement Lao pour les Droits de l'Homme ( MLDH)
Lao Movement for Human Rights
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One hundred and fifty eight Lao-Hmong refugees, among whom more than 85 children, having been detained for more than 1095 days in the Center of detention of Nongkhaï, a Thai city at the Lao border, will be sent back to the Lao People's Democratic Republic (LPDR).

These persons who had chosen to flee the LPDR for their life and safety, had been recognized as political refugees by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). According to the UNHCR spokesman, they found a host country, but have been placed in detention for three years now, the Thai and the LPDR authorities having agreed to send some 8.000 civilian Lao-Hmongs in Thailand back to Laos before the end of 2009.

The Lao Movement for Human Rights denounces, once more, the non-respect of the basic rights of these 158 Lao-Hmongs, and the obvious violation of the political refugee status officially granted them by the UNHCR.

The Lao Movement for Human Rights asks for the immediate release of these 158 refugees. It appeals to the Thai and Lao governments to stop the repatriations of the Lao-Hmong civilians and to respect international laws.

The Lao Movement for Human Rights appeals to all the donors – especially the European Union and its 27 member States, the United Nations, the United States, Japan, Australia, ASEAN and the International financial institutions – to act firmly upon the Lao leaders so that deep reforms are truly engaged to bring human rights respect, freedom and democracy in Laos.