Nov 19, 2009

Sindh: Government Must Safeguard Fishermen's Rights

Active ImagePakistan Fisherfolk Forum has urged the government to ensure social security to millions of small fishermen.

Below is an article published by The Nation:

The representatives of civil society on Monday (16 November) urged the government to ensure social security to millions of small fishermen. “The initiatives should be taken providing assistances to the fishermen’s families who lose their lives during cyclones and other kind of natural disasters” demanded by the speakers while addressing the seminar entitled “Sustainable Fisheries Policy” organised by Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) here at a local hotel.

The seminar addressed by PFF Chairman Mohammad Ali Shah, Federal Fisheries Commissioner Mohammad Hayat Khan, Mohammad Moazam Director General, Marinne Fisheries Department, Mohammad Waheed Khan, Director General Fisheries Department Sindh, large number of NGOs and other.

While speaking, Mohammad Ali Shah said that 4 million fishermen of Pakistan are facing serious problems in absence of any sustainable fisheries policy. Marine pollution, modern and industrial fishing by deep-sea trawlers, destructive nets and illegal occupation of influential people on inland water bodies are the worst problems the fishermen are facing. He said that PFF advocates a national and provincial level fisheries policy for governance, effective, conservation and management of fisheries resources. PFF recognition under national and provincial legislation that are adopted to meet international obligation.

Mohammad Hayat Khan, Federal Fisheries Minister said that in past policies and laws were made but they were not sustainable but this time the Fisheries Policy which we have made would be acceptable and implacable. He said we are blessed by natural resources so it’s our obligation to protect our resources. He highly appreciated the role of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum who have been struggling and striving for the genuine rights of fishermen. On the occasion Mohammad Moazam Khan, Director General, Fisheries Department Sindh said that the PPP-led government is trying its best for the betterment of fisher communities.

Waheed Khan DG, Fisheries Department Sindh that that his department has provided 10,000 Benazir Bhutto Income cards among inland and marine fisher communities.