Nov 05, 2009

Abkhazia: Presidential Candidates to be Tested on State Language

Active ImageThe nomination of presidential candidates ended in Abkhazia on November 2 and the next step will be a language test to check the candidates’ knowledge.





Below is an article published by ITAR-TASS:

The linguistic commission of the Abkhaz Central Elections Commission will check presidential candidates’ knowledge of the state language, Central Elections Commission Chairman Batal Tabagua told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.

He said the commission had five members – Alexei Kaslandzia, Batal Khagush, Eva Tania, Adgur Shinkuba and Fatima Kvarchelia.

The candidates will take the language test within several days.

The nomination of presidential candidates ended in Abkhazia on November 2. The Central Elections Commission received applications from initiative groups, which had nominated Zaur Ardzinba, Vitaly Bganba and Raul Khadzhimba, and resolutions of congresses of the United Abkhazia party and the Economic Development Party.

United Russia nominated incumbent President Sergei Bagapsh, and the Economic Development Party – its chairman Beslan Butba.

The registration of candidates will be over on November 12, and canvassing will start.

Results of the language test will be taken into account in the consideration of registration appeals.