Nov 03, 2009

Somaliland: Ethiopia’s New Representative

Active ImageThe Federal Republic of Ethiopia has appointed a new Representative to Somaliland and has upgraded its mission in Somaliland from a Trade office to a Consulate.
Below is an article published by Qarannews:
Mr. Berhe Tesfey replaces the previous representative, Mr.Wubishet Demisse, who has taken a new role with the Ethiopian Foreign office.

Meeting with the Somaliland Foreign Minister, Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Duale, Mr.Tesfey spoke of the close and strong relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

Mr. Tesfey thanked the people of Somaliland for their warm welcome and looked forward to working closely with all members of the Somaliland society.

Foreign Minister Duale also spoke briefly about the strong relationship between Somaliland and Ethiopia and remarked that the new Consulate will work to strengthen those ties.

The new appointment and the official upgrade of the mission in Somaliland comes exactly a year to the day of the terrorist attacks in Hargeisa, in which, the Somaliland Presidency, the Ethiopian trade office and a UN compound were targets of suicide bombers.