Oct 30, 2009

Maasai: Norton Invites Maasai Warriors to NY

Active ImageEdward Norton has invited three Masai warriors to run the New York City marathon with him. The Illusionist actor met the warriors in Africa when he went to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and asked them to stay with him in the Big Apple and tackle the 26.2-mile run, which he's participating in to raise awareness of the Masai Wilderness Conservation Trust.
Below is an article published by The Press Association:

The 40-year-old told the New York Daily News: "It literally is lions and elephants and giraffes and rhinoceros and things like that there - so if there's any ecosystem that's under threat on the planet that everybody has a sense of connection to, it's that one."

The trio will be racing in their traditional bright clothes and jewellery although they might swap their sandals for running shoes - but Oscar nominee Edward said he has no plans to follow suit.

"I think it would destroy me," said the star, who has already pulled a tendon in training.

Other celebs set to tackle the gruelling run this weekend include singer Alanis Morissette and former ER actor Anthony Edwards.

The marathon usually attracts several stars - in 2007 Katie Holmes took part, and was cheered on by her megastar hubby Tom Cruise and their daughter Suri.