Oct 29, 2009

Batwa: MPs Want Policy for Minorities

Sample ImageFailure to define and recognize may be the cause for discrimination.
Below is an article published by the New Vision:

Kampala claims the [Ugandan] Government should adopt a comprehensive affirmative action plan that would be able to transform minority communities, MPs have recommended. Presenting the equal and opportunities committee report to the Parliament on Friday [23 October 2009]. Chairperson of the committee, Anifah Kawooya, claimed that minority groups risked getting extinct.

She observed that failure to recognize and define ethnic minorities was partially responsible for their discrimination, isolation and exclusion of minority groups.

The MPs called for a system that not only caters for the interests of the marginalized ethic minorities but also provide guarantee that their legitimate interests and rights are sufficiently protected and not taken away from them.

During her visit to the Batwa and Bahehe communities, Kawooya said, it was discovered that most of them had lost their land rights and had been driven into forests.

Parliament was also shocked to learn that Batwa women are sometimes raped by the dominant tribes, who believe that sleeping with them cures backache and AIDS.