Oct 22, 2009

Afrikaner: Freedom Front Plus Makes Statement on the Mayor of Tshwane Metro Council

Active Image The Freedom Front Plus said that the Mayor of the Tshwane metro council, as well as her Mayoral Committee should be removed from their positions in order to avert the further collapse of the municipality's finances and service delivery capabilities.


Below is an article published by polity.org.za:

The FF Plus will enter into talks with other opposition parties, as well as ANC councillors, about the possibility of bringing a motion of no confidence against the Mayor before the end of the year. It is well-known that there is considerable unhappiness within ANC ranks about Dr. Ramakgopa, which strengthens the possibility for such a motion to succeed.

This follows after the independent rating company, Empowerdex, found that the Tshwane metro council does not deliver basic services to about a quarter (23.8%) of its residents. Such services include access to housing, tap water, sanitation, garbage removal and electricity.

According to Dr. Conrad Beyers, FF Plus councillor, a quarter of the residents get no basic services and the other three-quarters get the worst service imaginable.

"Quick action is necessary to put the metro council under new management. Further collapse of the municipality's services and finances will definitely lead to further unrest and violence. Apart from the fact that residents will suffer, it has the potential to derail next years Soccer World Cup completely," Beyers said.

The FF Plus is inundated by complaints of bad service delivery, where there is simply no reaction from the metro council, even in cases where urgent enquiries and problems are involved.

Further problems that have arisen or became worse under the current Mayor include:

· The collapse of the city's finances due to bad management and spendthrift;
· The absence of law enforcement on roads, with taxi's being allowed to break the law as they please;
· Growth of squatter camps in established residential areas;
· Polarisation of the city's population through one-sided name changes, while the majority of the city's residents live in streets without names;
· Political interference in the city's administration by appointing ANC loyalists in key positions, with the resulting outflow of expertise.

These issues will also be addressed in a motion of no confidence.