Oct 08, 2009

Crimean Tatars: Crimean Tatars to Hold Cleaning Day for Ottoman Mosque over Muslim Feast

Active ImageCrimean Tatars are organising the cleaning day for an historical mosque in October 10, ahead of the Islamic feast Eid-al Adha, calling on local authorities for money to restoration Crimean News Agency said.



Below is an article published by World Bulletin :


Kerch city majlis and the Sharq (East) Muslim community are calling on the Muslims to take part on the cleaning day in the old city Juma Jami (Friday's mosque), QHA reported on Monday.

The Crimean Tatars are Turkic people who inhabited the Crimean peninsula, now a part of Ukraine, for over seven centuries

As QHA is reported by the head of Kerch city majlis Rasim Sheikhmambet, this mosque, which dates back to the XVIII century and recognized as historical heritage of the city, is in need of restoration now.

Juma Mosque was constructed in 1552-1564 by legendary Ottoman architect the Great Sinan who also designed the famous Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul.

"We have repeatedly asked the local authorities and the authorities of the autonomy to allocate money for the restoration of the mosque. However, all this time, slender means were allocated, which were enough only to make a restoration project," he was quoted as saying.

That is why, at the present we are campaigning for the local population to provide all possible help in cleaning the building. And the blessed Muslim holiday Qurban-bayram (Feast of Sacrifice) is coming" he was quoted as saying.

"We also called the Republican Committee for Interethnic Relations and Formerly Deported Citizens to help in cleaning at least the facade of the building."

The Ottoman State took Crimea in 15th century, and allowing Crimean Khans rule as tributary princes of the Ottoman Empire.

Russia attacked Ottoman-rule land, forcing the Crimean Tatars flee from their homeland en masse.