Oct 08, 2009

Sindh: Water Shortage to Dry Million Acres in Sindh

Active ImageA severe water shortage is being experienced in Sindh lands. Water distribution within the region is becoming a contentious issue.




Below is an article published by Pakistan Observer :



Water deficiency for Rabi crop will make barren one million acres land in Sindh, claimed MNA Nawab Yusuf Talpur in National Assembly.

Speaking on a point of order, the member mentioned to recent meeting of IRSA wherein, he claimed, the water share of Sindh province was being decreased.


"I am clamoring since the last six months but to no avail. After Monday’s [5 October] IRSA meeting, the Sindh Secretary Irrigation stated that cut in Sindh share would barren one million acres land,” he claimed.

Talpur said, the shortage should be equally distributed on all provinces. “And if only Sindh suffers then it would be worst as the province was already facing issue of two to 2.5 million acres barren land.”

He urged the government to go by 1991 Water Distribution Accord and ensure due share of water for every province.

He said the formula discussed at recent meeting would cost Sindh nine million acre feet water and it would be unjust.

On this, Minister for Water and Power assured the member that water distribution will be made as per 1991 accord.

IRSA is an independent body with members from all provinces where decisions are made with consensus,” he said and hoped, it would make just distribution of water.

On another point of order, MNA Jamshed Dasti raised the issue of discrimination against minority community in his area. “We were complaining of the previous regime. But, today again the poor people in my constituency are suffering.”

He referred to police cases against innocent people and beating the men and women and said, even when people protest for Atta, they are mercilessly beaten.

When our people would be involved in fake cases and beaten, then why would we not demand an independent province,” he said.

Dasti said even in medical colleges entry test the brilliant students of Southern Punjab were ignored. “How can a student with 850 marks from central Punjab be given admission in presence of a student from Southern Punjab with 984 marks.”

He demanded to end entry test system for admission and urged the government to immediately move forward to resolve the problems of Southern Punjab.

MNA Hamayun Saifullah, in his point of order, mentioned to some senior officers from NWFP who were not promoted in recent promotions.

He mentioned their names and said, “was none among them capable of promotion. Let the government review its decision.”

MNA Marvi Memon mentioned to a mechanism regarding implementation of the government commitments and said, the members would submit to the Speaker in the onset of each session, the detail of commitments of previous session and seek report from the government on their implementation.

The House was adjourned to meet again on Wednesday [7 October] at 1640 hours.