Sep 24, 2009

Shan State: Maehongson to Hold Two-Week Shan Festival

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Maehongson authorities are preparing to usher in a 13-day Shan cultural celebration from 30 September to 12 October



Below is an article published by Shanland :



Most likely as a fortuitous prelude to the International Conference on Shan Studies (ICSS) to be held in Bangkok, 15-17 October, Maehongson authorities will be throwing a 13-day solid Shan cultural party from 30 September to 12 October, according to Thailand’s Channel 11 also known as NBT TV, 18 September.


While the International Conference at Chulalongkorn University will focus more on academic research and exhibition, the festival in Maehongson will be catering to both local and international tourists by art performances.

Highlights will be the competitions on several attractive items, such as beauty queen, Toe (Yak) and Nok (Mythical bird) dances, martial arts, drum beating, Buddha pavilions and Shan cuisine, Suthep Nuchsuang, Maehongson mayor was quoted as saying.

The festivities coincide with the End of the Buddhist Lent (Ork Phansa) when the Lord Buddha, according to traditions, came down to earth from the Tawatingsa Heaven where he had been preaching His mother on the 6th Year of His Enlightenment.

Maehongson, according to Sao Saimong Mangrai’s The Shan States and the British Annexation (1965), was part of the Shan principality of Mawkmai, until the British came and signed a boundary treaty with Bangkok on 17 October 1894. The majority of its population are Shans.