Sep 24, 2009

Afrikaner: FF+ Wants Talks about Pretoria

Active ImageThe Afrikaner group, Freedom Front Plus, has been united in opposition to the potential renaming of the city of Pretoria to Tshwane



Below is an article published by iol :


The Freedom Front Plus wants to talk to the ANC over the name of the city of Pretoria, the party said on Wednesday.

"We believe that a permanent solution is possible with which the local residents of the city would be satisfied. Pretoria has the opportunity to set an example as to how sensitive issues such as this should be dealt with," said Conrad Beyers FF Plus councillor in the Tshwane metro council.

He said the chairman of the ANC in the Tshwane district, Sputla Ramakgopa, has indicated that Pretoria's name cannot be changed that easily.

"This is a victory for Pretoria residents and a wake up call to increase pressure to protect the name of the city," he said.

The FF Plus earlier accused the ANC controlled metro council of trying to deflect attention away from the city's financial crisis, after the metro council had taken the FF Plus to court to obtain permission to erect name boards which only bears the name Tshwane on them.

The FF Plus had previously obtained an interdict preventing the name change and the council wanted it overturned.