UNPO Brochure



The UNPO brochure contains an overview of UNPO and its activities. The history of UNPO is summarized, as well as UNPO's programs, lobbying, training at the United Nations, missions, media strategies and other activities. An explanation of UNPO's structure completes this informative brochure.

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Attached Documents

Upcoming Activities

  • SEP
    The Baloch Homecoming Festival: Cultures and Colours of Balochistan

Recent Activities

  • JUL
    “SOS Stato di Diritto: Emergenza Uiguri”
  • JUL
    House of Lords Conference: "Wall of Silence: Human Rights in Balochistan"
  • JUL
    Amnesty International UK Seminar: “Hanging by a Thread: CPEC, Progressive Nationalism and the Growth of Religious Extremism in Balochistan”