International Secretariat

Marino Busdachin

General Secretary


Tommaso Nodari

Programme Director


Fernando Burgés

Programme Manager


Marvin Kumetat

US Program Coordinator


Lucia Parrucci

Advocacy Officer


Julie Duval

Programme Officer


Lukas van Diermen

Project Officer


Nicoletta Enria

Project Officer

Charlotte Andrews

Project Assistant

Silvia Mannino

Project Assistant

Alexia Vercruysse

Project Assistant

Markus Buderath

Project Assistant

Natalia Carrusca

Project Assistant


Pablo Garcia

Project Assistant


Aykut Garipoglu

Project Assistant


Jeroen Zandberg


Upcoming Activities

  • MAY
    UNPO Announces European Parliament Conference: The Guarani-Kaiowá and the Assault on Indigenous Rights in Brazil
  • MAY
    Cinema of the Unrepresented: Martirio, the Pacific and Obstinate Insurgence of the Guarani-Kaiowá
  • JUN
    UNPO Announces European Parliament Conference: “Post-ISIS Ninewa: The European Response”

Recent Activities

  • MAY
    March of Antislavery Activists of IRA
  • MAY
    UNPO Announces Academic Conference at the University of Oxford: China’s Frontier - Institutions, Infrastructure and Landscapes in Pakistan’s CPEC
  • MAY
    UNPO and Hudson Institute Co-Organise Conference on National Minorities and Federalism in Iran