Nov 07, 2003

Mon Culture: Dying or Reviving?

One of Southeast Asia's oldest cultures is under threat of extinction. Defenders of Mon identity and language are working to ensure its survival

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Nov 06, 2003

Acheh: Joint Statement on Aceh by the EU, Japan...

The European Union, Japan and the United States, express their concern for the extension of the state of military emergency in Aceh

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Nov 04, 2003

Kanbauk Myaingkalay gas pipeline

The ruling military authority of Burma has boosted its budget after gaining a contract with foreign investors to do business in the Yadana Gas Fields in Burma

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Nov 03, 2003

Landowners promised compensation

The Burmese Army promised they would compensate farmers for confiscated lands at a meeting held in Ye, southern Mon State

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Oct 29, 2003

Pro-West Papua march held in Luganville, Vanu...

Traffic along the main street of Luganville was disrupted Friday, 24 October, giving way to a marching mass of people on the four-lane highway, built by American marines during World War II

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Oct 25, 2003

Hunger in eastern Burma: a new report release...

Thailand based non-government organization released a timely report named Reclaiming the Rights to Rice about food security and internal displacement in eastern Burma

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