Jul 28, 2017

Ogoni: UN to Support Clean-Up of the Niger Delta

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

The United Nations (UN) has announced its commitment to support the Ogoni clean-up that was launched in June 2016. In January of this year, the Ogoni traditional rulers, along with the MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People) also pledged to commit to the Ogoniland clean-up. Because of oil spills, Ogoniland has suffered from severe levels of pollution and is currently undergoing a slow clean-up process. The Deputy Secretary General of the UN, Amina Mohammed, has promised to put the environment and the Ogoni clean-up at the forefront of the international organization’s agenda. Amina states that, “our mission is peace and security of women, and this is the only solution that would take the country out of insecurity, and violence and conflicts.” 


Below is an article published by The Guardian

The United Nations has pledged a continued support for the execution of Ogoni clean-up, Great Green Wall, desertification, among other projects, which the Federal Government has tagged as priority.

Deputy Secretary General of United Nations (UN), Amina Mohammed made the promise while addressing the directors general and staffers of the Ministry of Environment in Abuja as part of her visit to Nigeria. Mohammed, who expressed happiness for homecoming, said the projects are scheduled for 2030 agenda, adding, “We’ll continue to make requests for international bodies to come to help Nigeria in executing them.”

According to her, “Ogoni clean-up is a priority, and indeed, the plight of women in Niger Delta.  They should be carried along in developmental programmes as well as give them sense of belonging in the project.”

“The environment is for life; our mission is peace and security of women, and this is the only solution that would take the country out of insecurity, and violence and conflicts.

“Nigeria has a set targeted goal for environment sector. What really matters most is, let UN know about it so that it would be well articulated in the policies and programmes of the body,” she added.

The Minister of State Environment, Ibrahim Usman Jibril extolled UN for collaborating with Nigeria in developmental projects, adding, “We’ll continue to look unto UN for assistance.”

He stressed that the immediate past minister has already set a template for the ministry, especially, on the three important projects, which he expressed hope would stand a text of time for all Nigerians.

Jibril assured that the ministry, stakeholders and development partners are currently working towards the execution of Ogoni project, adding, more specimen have been taken for analysis.

“We need technical assistance and capacity building in these projects. Besides, we may want addition funds to enable us flag off the Great Bond soon. With the help of United Nation, it would be a dream come true’, he added.