Mar 19, 2012

UNPO at 19th Session UN Human Rights Council

UNPO members representing ethnic nationalities in Iran, as well as representatives of Tibet and East Turkestan, actively participated in the March 2012 Session of the Human Rights Council.


For an overview of UNPO's activities at this session, see the following articles:


12 March 2012

All Eyes On Iran During UN Human Rights Council

Reports from Special Rapporteurs on Human Rights in Iran and Myanmar inspire statements on the rights of ethnic nationalities in both states. 


13 March 2012

Rights Of China’s Unrepresented Peoples Discussed At UN Meeting

Representatives of Tibet and East Turkestan voice their concerns at the United Nations Human Rights Council


14 March 2012

UNPO Co-Hosts "Minority Rights In Iran" Event At United Nations

Representatives of the Baloch, Ahwazi and Azeri Turks were joined in a panel discussion at the UN Human Rights Council by Amnesty International and Minority Rights Group